Susie Squiggle and the Secret Skeptic

— chapter 1 —

Susie Squiggle was still cosy in bed when she was
woken up by a loud noise.

‘brrring bring’ went the telephone.

Susie slowly squiggled out from under her blanket
and picked up the phone.

Good morning Squigs!! bellowed Mad Mad

I’ve just had a Fantastic Idea.. Meet me at
the park, I can’t wait to get started!

Mad was always coming up with Fantastic Ideas.

I hope this doesn’t turn out like last time!
Susie thought to herself.

Last time Mad had the Fantastic Idea to attach a
kite to her back and fly over the zoo to wave to the

Mad was always trying to fly.

Susie quickly ate a breakfast of honey and walnuts,
slipped into her gumboots and then wriggled out her
second floor window into the tree branches outside.

Time for another adventure!

— chapter 2 —

Susie Squiggle and Mad Mad met in the park next
to the Very Tall Church with the Very Square Roof.

It was a bright sunny day, and a school group of
blind moles were frolicking on the freshly cut grass.
Their teacher was also blind, so they were all
bumping into each other as they tried to stay together.

Wow Mad, they’re even bigger bumblers than we are!
remarked squiggle.

Thats right Ms Squiggly, and they are part of the plan!
Mad was hopping up and down on one foot, flapping
her arms enthusiastically.

The Fantastic Idea this time was to climb onto
a Very Tall Pile of disoriented moles in order to get
on top of the Very Tall Square Roofed Church.

Then we can see the whole city!